Full-featured fleet management and rental solution for all kind of vehicles, accessible anywhere and on any device.

Integrates with instant and fully customizable online booking website, including an integrated management backend and different payment systems.
The most comprehensive platform
for car rental / vehicle rental business management

All features in one place

AnyRent® is a complete fleet management and vehicle rental solution developed taking into account all the current demands of the renting market. Using the latest technologies, this modular SaaS aims to revolutionize the way a software adapts to the individual needs of each entity, in a both simple and effective way. It is based on this assumption that our solution is intended for any kind of vehicle hire company, since it allows rentals of any sort of fleet (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, segways, boats, etc.) with features configured independently among each one of them and at the discretion of the company itself.

Issuance of Rental Agreements

Issue rental agreements with specific parameterizations depending on the type of fleet. Upload your own damage maps depending on the different kinds of vehicles your company may have. Configure fleet features with custom data types according to the specifics of each fleet.


Invoice directly from AnyRent® through a billing program certified by the tax authority. It's also possible to connect AnyRent to your current billing program to maintain the functional integrity of your business.

Integrated Booking Website

Improve your business sales with an online booking portal seamlessly integrated with AnyRent®: fully customizable along with a management backoffice and various payment methods integrated (credit card, paypal and others) - ready to start getting bookings right away!


Verde(Portugal Only)

Control and management of toll charges on highways

  • Find out in real time the tolls which your vehicles have passed through.
  • Charge tolls directly to the customer at the end of the rental agreement.
  • Have full control over all transactions and decision-making power over billing them to the customer.


Complete Fleet Management

Register transfers, repairs and inspections. Issue traffic permits for presentation to road authorities. Record expenses and analyze the ROI of each vehicle. Document management and dynamic report creation. Receive periodic alerts based on different types of events.



Substantially reduce ink and paper costs

  • It allows your customers to sign rental agreements and extensions through their own smartphone or tablet.
  • Our system is safe and works without the need to install any type of application on your customers' devices.
  • The customer will be able to validate the rental agreement and sign it remotely, which will revolutionize the way in which your company manages rental extensions, without requiring face-to-face contact with the customer.

QR Codes Scanning

Serve your customers more efficiently

  • Streamline your company's processes by scanning QR Codes generated by AnyRent® via smartphone, tablet or scanner connected to a computer.
  • The platform recognizes a series of operations based on the scanned QR Code, quickly presenting you with a set of features and information you really need to access at that given time.

Smart Capture of Client's Documents

Create Client Records within seconds without typing a single key!

  • Automatically scans and extracts information from the front and back of the following national and international documents:
    • ID CARDS
    • VISAS
  • It allows instant creation of customer files (or filling out forms), drastically reducing the waiting time as well as the possibility of human error by entering data manually.
  • It uses the smartphone / tablet camera, therefore it is not necessary to purchase additional equipment to use the system.
  • NEW It is now also possible to pair any smartphone to act as a portable document scanner for the application on the computer.
  • Technology developed from scratch by AnyRent® team.
AnyRent Geo Tracking

Real Time Tracking and Route Analysis

Know where your vehicles are anytime

  • See vehicle's position in real time as well as other data on the current status of the vehicle.
  • Consult the routes that were made under a specific rental agreement (including crossing borders).
  • Access the crash log reporting automatically detected collision events.
Check-in Online

Online Check-in

Modernize your services and save time by reducing waiting lines at your counters

  • Allow your customers to pre-fill the rental agreement remotely.
  • Securely collect customers credit cards with direct integration with the invoicing system.
  • Add value to reservations by presenting additional supplements which customer can purchase during this process.
  • NEW Receive invoice payments remotely via various methods: Credit/Debit Card, ATM References, MBWay, PayPal, among others.
Automatic Payment Terminals

Integrated with Automatic Payment Terminals

Fast and Secure Payments!

  • Secure credit and debit card processing.
    (PCI DSS Certified - Service Level 1)
  • Simplified pre-authorizations management associated with rental contracts for offline charging.

Bookings and Rental Agreements

Create bookings and rental agreements quickly and intuitively. See costs simulation in real time along with each click/touch. Convert bookings to rental agreements with a simple click. Rental extensions and LTR management.

Advanced Rate Management

Create different rates for each type of fleet, being possible to define different time units: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or minutely accountability mode. Dynamic multi-rate calculation. Referenced rates. Several automatic calculation operations available.

Supplements and Coverages

Create independent extras, fees and coverages for each fleet. You can also create extras, coverages and mileage packages. It includes automatic deductible management, among other features of great utility.

Advanced Reporting Wizard

Create customized and exportable reports based on any type of information available in your database (advanced feature). Several report customization options are available in this module.

Integration with DMS

Connect AnyRent® to your DMS (Incadea, Quiter, etc) and benefit from the integration of accounting and customer records on both platforms through the existing integrations for this purpose.


Automate system tasks and even personalized interactions with your customers by creating event-based rules and specific condition sets through an easy-to-use wizard.




API (Application Programming Interface)with detailed specification and documentation for B2B integrations with third parties (brokers, travel agencies, websites, etc.). All endpoints have access control rules fully manageable through AnyRent®. OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) specification also supported.


Specific Modules

for your company

AnyRent® is a solution based on an independent modular architecture, which allows the development and integration of new modules with specific features required by your company, allowing continuous follow-up of its evolution.

Other Features


Parameterizable Stations

Set independent schedules: weekly, saturday, sunday and holidays; lunch and after-hours (includes auto-charging whenever after-hours rules are met). Possibility to configure shared availability of vehicles among nearby stations.

Mileage Packages

Set up the authorized mileage limit tables for each fleet and create mileage extension packages that can be purchased by the customer. The management of the exceeding mileage and the underlying fee to be charged to the customer is fully automated.

Several Automation Mechanisms

When creating a booking or rental agreement, several automatisms are applied to promote the efficiency of your business activity. For instance, the application of the young driver, additional driver and after-hours fees is done automatically whenever the associated conditions are met. Other modules: Allotments, damage management, automatic fuel charge, workflows, among others.

AnyRent Bookings Website
Home page section

Express Bookings Website

Fully customizable according to your company's image: logo, colors, images and various layout configurations are available.


  • Configurations are managed and obtained directly from the AnyRent® API
  • Allows selection of extras and insurances
  • Various payment methods available
  • Customer's booking management area
  • Web-responsive / Adapted to mobile devices
  • You can use the domain of your current website

Partners Module

Special area for partners with access to specific booking conditions.

  • Management area for their bookings, customers and drivers
  • Access privileges managed through AnyRent®
  • Ideal for agencies that do not have the possibility to integrate with the API

Already have a website?

Integrate the full booking engine on a page of your current website in minutes, through a non-technical and very simple process and start accepting bookings and receiving payments straight away. Fully integrated with AnyRent®.


Modern Graphical Interface

Modern and intuitive interface focused on easy access to the core day-to-day functionalities of a car rental company.


It allows the rental and management of any kind of fleet, being fully customizable to an unprecedented level.

Online Bookings

Possibility of integration with a full, highly customizable and instant working online bookings website.

No Maintenance Costs

Cloud service (SaaS - Software as a Service): no need for server or any associated maintenance costs.

No Risks

Cost of service adjusted to the size of your company.

Accessible Anywhere

Access to the platform anywhere and on any device (PC, tablet and smartphone).


Full control over user permissions.

Fully Customizable

Customizable documents with your company's branding.


It allows the development and integration of modules with extra specific functionalities.

Adjusted to Your Company

Possibility of integration with the billing software already used by your company.

Free Updates

Always up-to-date: updates to newer versions for free.

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